Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

Last minute rush

The last few days have been hectic, to say the least. Its been a mad rush....with last minute packing, lists of things to buy (no. I did NOT do a lot of shopping this time...well, atleast not as much as always...), people to meet and of course, home-made dishes to eat before i leave for delhi.
Ah man.....delhi. Finally. After the-longest-vacation-ever-taken-by-any-college-student-in-the-country. Am sure Pervy agrees (more on Pervy later). And so does Mocha (btw, Mocha's the intellectually-challenged cousin i mentioned earlier). And MD n every one else.
I still have to go n visit my grandmom, pack my handbag (trying to fit your life in 2 small travel bags weighing not more than 25 kgs in total is such a pain, i tell u...sigh, so much for travelling by flights..), eat my favourite version of pav-bhaji (the type that is sold on the "sadak" in those dingy small roadside stalls), talk to Pervy, gather my stuff lying in numerous drawers all around the house and sleep (but, of course).
My flight departs at 9.20 am 2mr....shit! Gotta wake up at 6.30ish. So goddam inhuman! Oh temperature's rising already...
I can hear D, the ultimate elder sis with all sorts of motherly qualities, shouting at me somewhere in the background. I have no idea why. I guess she's trying to get me to do something......
I guess i have to go. Or she might just kill me (not so motherly afterall)..

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