Saturday, 20 November, 2010

Made in China

That Chinese items have flooded the Indian markets over the last few years is no news... From toys to electronics to mobile phones to crackers- they are everywhere. In the beginning we took them to be synonymous with 'low quality' product dumping and later, it simply became a way of life. Hell. Even Bajaj bikes, Maruti car parts and Yamaha synthesizers now come with the omnipresent 'made in China' tag..
It was all fine until I visited Burra Bazaar a couple of days before Diwali and was appalled to see idols (yes...our very own Indian gods- Ganesh and Lakshmi- made where else, but of course, in China..) Can we not even produce idols of our very own gods? Must we rely on foreigners to decide how goddess Lakshmi should wear her Sari and what colour Ganeshji's dhoti should be??
Do they even know why we pray to them and what they signify?
What really surprises me is India's (lack of) an assertive stance on the issue. Despite lodging complaints about the dumping of lower priced Chinese goods in India with the WTO (which was, btw, eventually followed by anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel and tyres). While India cannot (apparently) compete against low cost rubber or steel or other strategic raw materials from China, can it not, at least, prevent China from making a profit out of our religious sentiments?
What next? Indian food 'made in China'??

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