Thursday, 9 June, 2011

Remember Me?

Sometimes, I keep my mouth shut....And then, its too late to open it..
Here goes...

So I was having lunch with two of my friends (lets just call them Tomboy and Girly) at this college cafe..
Along come this seemingly unknown girl, A.. Right beside my table, she stops and then she goes- "Sonam!! What a coincidence! Fancy meeting you here...blah blah!"
She talked non-stop for like 12 minutes. She spoke about school (Oh! So she's a batchmate from school!), my course, my result etc etc. All in all, she knew a lot about me.
I obviously, had little recollection of her. Her face seemed faintly familiar and that's it. However, not having the heart to break her heart, I went along, nodding at all the right places, smiling broadly and appearing to be as pleased to meet her as she was. This was just a short meeting and I may never see her again.
But as god would have it, she didn't seem keen to leave and stared at my friends. I had no option. I introduced them to her.. Tomboy stared at me- wondering why I wasn't introducing her to them. I mouthed "Shut up", hoping she doesn't ask A to join us for lunch.
Then, A asked for my number. I obliged her. Then she gave me a missed call. I stored her number as A.

Months went by. She called on my b'day.
My cell screen flashed "A calling". I took her call- "Hi! I say.
"Happy birthday!!"
"Thanks. Nice of you to remember."
"Stop fibbing. You haven't even recognised me." (God knows it was not too late. I could still have agreed and asked her name. But for some godforsaken reason, I didn't. Instead-
"What rubbish! Of course I have! Your number is stored on my cell!"
"Oh great then...blah blah. Anyway, I want a favour from you..Please can you find out...blah blah?"
"Ok. I'll find out and call you back. And thanks once again!"

Two days later, I did find out whatever it was she wanted to know and called her.
"Hello!" (Shit! It was a male voice! What do I say?? Whom do I ask for??)
I hang up. (I DID message her later!)

I still don't know her name. I just hope she adds me on facebook!
P.S.- I hope she doesn't read this.

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