Friday, 27 May, 2011

Call me!!

Thursday morning. I open the paper. And there they are. A page full of them. Disgusting. But at the same time, ridiculously funny. Some make me laugh until it hurts.
I wonder about the kind of people who write them. I wonder what it is that drives them to this. I wonder about the people who respond to these. I wonder what kind of conversations they have.
Picture this-
" this Shayon?
"Yes. Hi, thats me."
"Hi. I am Deblina. I saw your ad in the paper."
"Go on. Tell me about yourself"
"I am 22. Hot. Good looking. Fair. And oh...very bold too."
"Wow! That's cool. Let me interview a few more candidates and I will get back to you. Btw, I must say you have very high chances of being selected!"

You must be wondering what that ad was.

Something like this-
"Shayon here 24 yrs looking for hot goodlooking naughty girlfriend. Life time committment. Call me 98xxxxxxxx."

These are even funnier than the- "For the girl I saw in the metro on 24th. Wanna be your boyfrnd. Call me at 98xxxxxxxx" kind of messages.

Yes. This isn't a joke. They actually have ads like these. Try it. Thursday- Telegraph t2.
You'll have a great morning.
Happy laughing!!

P.S.- The best one ever-
"Hi, I am Dev. Looking for smart girl for bold relationship (even married bhabhis will do). Age no bar. Call 98xxxxxxxx."
(I died laughing!)

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  1. hahaha...i dnt believe you still read it. but seriously i think you shud strt giving ads it will add to the fun...lolzz
    keep going girl...
    njoyed reading it :):)