Thursday, 24 February, 2011


In my entire life, I have never encountered a situation more hypnogogic (hey, I took GRE, remember?) than the Chemistry [why anyone would want to study that subject is beyond the way] class in school. So much so that it deserves an entire post.

It was an endless series of yawns, interspersed with rubbing of eyes and blank stares at the world around you. I used to yawn so frequently that I soon began to improvise and learnt how to yawn by opening my mouth the tiniest bit possible. Mind you, it was a wide-spread phenomenon and the entire class would go into a trance for the 50 minute period. Time would stop. Eyes would glaze over. Tears would flow. 40 pairs of eyes would fix glassy stares at the wall clock.

Now, at that time, 6 of us were very close friends and one of us had a solid steel ruler, quite different from the normal variety. One day, she dropped it on the floor in the middle of the class. A genuine mistake.
The "Clang!" was nerve shattering. 39 (+1) faces turned towards the culprit. The entire class came out of its stupor. All said and done, it was highly effective. People woke up from their power naps and looked around. Refreshed. A wave of renewed energy and vigour flowed through our veins.

Henceforth, it became a daily ritual. In the middle of each Chem class, the credulous ruler was taken to the edge of the desk and pushed over by the sly fingers of one of us. The teacher would peer at the culprit suspiciously, until the innocent look on her face satisfied her. The class would proceed until the bell rang.

Years later, memories of the class still have the potency to make me yawn. And this harmless incident never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

P.S.- What is the maximum number of times you've yawned in a minute? My personal best is 11 per minute, I guess- I stopped counting after class X. What's yours?


  1. :) so true... ;)

  2. :-P.. u shld now dedicate one entire post to our chem teacher's apparel :)))rishita.

  3. "Now, AT THAT TIME, 6 of us were very close friends....." Whatever happened??