Monday, 21 February, 2011

For Delhi, with Love

Delhi. It’s where I spent some of the best years of my life.

A thousand places in one; it’s where dreams are woven.

Where dreams are lived.

Where friends are made. And lost. And new ones found.

Where love happens.

Where friends become family.

Where maggi tastes best after bunking a class.

Where long walks lead to the ridge. [And monkeys scare you away!]

Where sitting alone in a coffee shop earns you free cookies.

Where the 2nd lane behind McD always takes you home.

Where it never rains for long.

Where ‘chikoo’ and ‘paan’ flavoured ice creams taste heavenly.

Where the greenery charms your senses.

Where winters mean steaming cups of coffee at Arts Fac.

Where IPL bets always fail (Damn!)

Where cute yellow sippers get lost. And are found again :)

Where a ‘good day’ lasts forever.

Where a missed call denotes that the class has begun.

Where three aces spell money.

Where DUTA and DUSU ensure frequent holidays.

Where a game of LIFE makes your day.

Where December and Crossroads go hand in hand.

Where birthday cakes are rarely chocolate!

Where Ludo means endless hours of fun.

Where you can shop till you drop.

Where hot chocolate fudge makes you drool.

Where Saturday means a roll, momos and a movie.

Where a diva cannot shake a leg.

Where happiness comes in a packet of fun flips and costs five bucks.

And then is also the place

where ‘puchkas’ taste nothing like they do in Calcutta (No. Not even remotely close).

Where hostel food does one of 3 things- it either tastes good or it looks good or neither (mostly the latter).

Where girls in frocks climb over walls.

Where ‘badaam’ is well....’mungfali’ (:-P)

Where frequent bomb scares occur the day before tests. And no, they don’t get cancelled :(

Where they don’t deliver pizza at India Gate!

Where there are lesser number of guys in your class than your marks in Macro(!)


  1. The Last is the best!!
    And, the cake "problem": courtsey me

  2. some of my frnds here dint believ the last line. until i told dem the number of guys in our class!
    n yes. coz of u.
    but we dint mind!

  3. amazing yaa!!!! love it!!!<3

  4. Hey.. This is a great poem.
    I am your fan after reading this.
    I too studied in delhi university. I went to ridge often. I like the greenery and monkeys. You want to be friends?

  5. thanks a lot ppl for appreciating the 'poem'...
    (it wasnt written as a poem actually :-P
    jst a list of stuff i like)
    n umm...u are?

  6. heyy...its simply awsum...
    jus saw delhi from ur eyes...n loved it!! :)
    annd i dont believe the last line...
    (n hey u said this tym i hv commented on your blog ..happy??:p)

  7. @puja- thank u.
    yes. instead of commenting thru email. it gets routed 2 my spam folder :)