Sunday, 2 January, 2011

A Tale of Two Drinks

I have a special relationship with coffee shops.
Inevitably, every single time I have stepped into one of those, the following happens:
First, I have to wait. Yes. Wait for the other person. Every single time at a coffee shop. For a loong loong time. Until even the most seasoned waiters start feeling sad for me. (Yes. I have actually been offered free cookies at Barista more than once. And no. I am NOT kidding). Now, I hate waiting. I know, I know...most of us don't like it. But I totally totally despise it (the free cookies do ease the uh...pain, I confess!)
Anyway, once he or she finally turns up, I lash out (obviously). And then we both start talking (or fighting or playing Scrabble) and finally, we order. The waiter gets the drinks. And I always, always hate what I have ordered. Its either too bland (the Kaapi Nirvana at CCD the other day!!) or too strong or too icy. And always, the other drink on my table is extremely inviting and great to taste. After begging the other person to swap drinks with me (I rarely succeed), and having at least half of it, I mentally make a note of the name and decide to order it the next time around. And you will so not believe what happens the next time...
I order it. And yet again, it sucks!! And the other person's drinks tastes great!
Its a vicious circle actually. I'm sure the coffee shop people do this on purpose. No! I am not paranoid! And I can't, I just can't get myself to order the same drink as the other person. It sounds yuck the first time! And it mostly is crappy flavoured- strawberry or something instead of chocolate! And yet, it tastes good. Sigh.... I wonder when I'll start enjoying my visits to the coffee shop....


  1. I know when you'll really like it..
    When the coffee shop is in a book store or vice versa..
    Am i right???

  2. Yes!! I'd totally totally love it! who is dis btw?? u've read my mind!!

  3. Its not the other person's drink dear...its your own mind, all u need is just the belief that watever u order will satisfy u...try work.
    ur happy if u want to be happy!!